Audit: evaluation of automation and efficiency level of the IT infrastructure. Recommendations for optimization and development of improvements strategy.

Pre-project survey: analysis of business processes of the company, identification of the current situation, accurate definition of requirements for workflow automation. Analysis of accordance of requirements and functionality of system to be implemented.

Trading. E-commerce

Trading. E-commerce

Automation of business processes of trading network:

- formation of orders and logistics;

- financial and trade accounting;

- assortment matrixes etc.


Access control

Access control systems

The hardware and software system which is including the following modules:

- gangway control;
- accounting of working hours;
- interface with other systems of the customer;
- operational and statistical reporting.



Implementation of a full cycle projects according customer requirements or delivery (development) of one or several components:

- automation of reception of the hospital;

- outpatient's card, medical patient's history;

- operational and statistical reporting;

- modules of interface to the medical equipment.

Projects implementation

All projects are implementing according in advance developed plan, allowing the fullest and effectively implement the requirements of the Customer.

Неправильный порядок выполнения проектов

In the presale phase, consultations with the customer are conducted and a preliminary analysis of the product requirements is done until an agreement on cooperation is achieved. If necessary, NDA can be signed.

Requirements for functionality, project structure (team structure, schedule, scope of documentation, milestones, etc.) and commercial proposal (steps, costs, payment model) are developed and agreed.

Each project gets the team comprising of qualified professionals able to provide full product life cycle: development, integration, and support up to product decommissioning, depending on the customer's requirements.

In the initial phase of development detailed requirements for each milestone are specified, test plans and acceptance test are developed.

Each iteration is fully tested. On demand demonstration of interim results can be conducted.

For long-term projects iterative integration is available.

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Examples of projects

Pre-project survey    on the implementation of a financial management system. Term is 2,5 months.
Customer:   multidivisional commercial bank.
Results:  the requirements were refined and the list of processes to be automated was approved. Workgroup of customer's company is expanded. Significantly (to 40%), the specification of the product is changed because of detection of discrepancies between functionality of the offered system and refined requirements.

Pre-project survey  on creation of a united database of industrial and financial operations of several companies for the purpose of calculating of key performance indicators (KPI), allocating of expenses, obtaining of aggregated statistical reporting etc.
Customer:   industrial corporation.
Results:  The project is postponed. After refining of requirements and analysis of offered product, it has become clear that it will be required big additional costs of expansion of the existing IT infrastructure and customisation of the product. The required sum exceeded the earlier planned in several times.

Access control system: Implementation of comprehensive automation system of control of access to the enterprise: control of passes (entrances, storage rooms, locations of limited access etc.), video filming etc.
Customer:   industrial enterprise.
Results:  The project is realized completely. Were organized: access control, data collection and storage, the interface with other IT-systems of the enterprise. Developed a software for accounting of personnel and working hours.